How to buy~

We have made sure that you can shop easily, conveniently and find great deals.

  • Make your choice. Choose your beverages and fill in the registration form. Confirm that you have read and understood the terms of use provided on the site. To provide you with the best and the fastest service, the minimum order quantity is 6 (six) units or the purchase price is, at least, EUR 50,00  (with VAT included)
  • Make your payment. Select the payment option that is the most convenient for you and pay. We will contact you to confirm the order. You will be able to track the status of your order easily through your account.
  • Collect your order and enjoy. Customers may pick up their orders at our stores Vīna paviljons | Krastmala - Miesnieku street 14, Riga and Vīna paviljons | Āgenskalns - Nometņu street 61, Riga (shoping center ArcadA). Easy acces and parking. We advise that you collect the ordered beverages within 3 business days from booking confirmation. If reserved items are not collected with in 3 business days, we will cancell the reservation and booked items will not be available for purchase. You will find more information on ordering by reading our terms of use.


In case of any enquiries about ordering beverages please contact us.