Terms of use~

www.wimo.lv is internet site of alcohol wholeseller and retail company Wine & More. www.wimo.lv informs the consumers on the current assortment and makes records of client assessment on the products in order to optimize the shop assortment or other sales regulations according the client request as well as to gather the statistic information.

Parties of this agreement

Client — legal entity who arranges the reservation requests submitted to the site www.wimo.lv and that possesses the capability scope required according to the legal acts of the Republic of Latvia; hereinafter in the text referred to as the Client.

Seller — Wine & More (reg. No. 40103596739, legal address: Ernestines iela 12, Riga); here in after in the text referred to as the Seller.


Site — www.wimo.lv

Application — the Client goods reservation arranged in proper way, including Client wishes regarding assortment that the Client is willing to purchase in the Seller’s shops. The Application serves for the Client in order that he receives the information on correct Article price and its availability in the Seller’s shops. The application does not serve as the reason of liability occurrence related to the purchase and sales, it has only informative character that the Seller takes into account for purpose of Store assortment optimization.

Territory - Seller is operating only in territory of Republic of Latvia;

Shop — wholesale warehouse and retail shops belonging to the Seller and located in Riga.

1. General Regulations

The goods presented on the Site is provided for presentation with assortment and does not serve as the product samples for provision of distance purchase and sales transactions. Purchase and sales transactions are implemented personally in the area of Shop. When sending the application via Site, the Client agrees with the further Regulations of Wine & More (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations). The Seller keeps the rights to modify the agreement text.

2. Application arrangement

The Applications of the Client are arranged independently by the Client on the Site. Client fills in the registration form and agrees to the regulations of this Site. The data from registration form are passed to the Seller. Registration in the Site prescribes obligatory agreement otherwise the Client is not able to arrange the Applications. The Seller keeps rights to reject registration to the Client on the Site without explanation of the reason. The Seller is entitled to cancel (delete) the user registration without reason explanation.

In order to provide the best and the fastest service, the scope of minimal reservation is six units or totality of reservation of at least EUR 50.00 (including VAT 21%). The unit is considered to be also beverage sets, full packages of beer, cider and different non-alcoholic beverages, as well as they may be, for instance, glass sets or other accessories. All the prices on the internet site www.wimo.lv are indicated by included VAT 21 %.

3. Terms of application approval

After Application arrangement, the Client receives the information to the electronic mail indicated by him, including the precise ordered reference price in the Shop, as well as contact information of the Seller. Within two days after the Application reception the representative of the Seller may contact the Client in order to receive the more precise information regarding Application. When receiving application, the Seller tries to provide availability of Product indicated in the Application in the Shop assortment.

4. Purchase

Purchase of the ordered goods may be arranged only at nominated Shops. The Client, when purchasing the product in the Shop, may apply for the delivery of the purchased goods based on the agreement and cost that will be stipulated separately.

5. Payment 

The Seller provides following types of payment.

  1. Invoice of advance payment. Client provides payment to the respectevly indicated bank account and when the money is received in the account of Seller, Client can receive the order;
  2. In cash or by credit/debet cards in Shops;

6. Loyalty

When paying for the ordered goods, the Client may use the bonus point programme of the Seller’s internet Site.

7. Reception and delivery 

Private individuals. Pursuant to the Handling of Alcoholic Beverages Law of Republic of Latvia, the sales from internet and delivery to the private individual entities is not available. The Customers may arranges the purchase in Wine & More shops – Vīna paviljons | Krastmala on Miesnieku street 14 and Vīna paviljons | Āgenskalns at Nometņu street 61, Riga. When purchasing articles the Seller is entitled to request the Client to approve its identity and age by presenting the personal identification document: passport, ID card or driver’s licence.

Legal entities. We advise that you collect the ordered goods at our stores Vīna Paviljons | Krastmala, Miesnieku str.14, Riga or Vīna paviljons | Āgenskalns, Nometņu iela 61, Riga. If ordered items are not collected with in 3 business days, we will cancell the reservation and booked items will not be available for purchase. You will find more information on ordering by reading our terms of use. 

8. Returning of goods

The Client is entitled to return damaged product, change it for the new one or regain money paid for the articles.

If the Client fully or partially returns back the article because of bad quality, the money means are paid back to the Client in appropriate way: in case of credit or debet cards (VISA/ Master Card) the value of the goods is returned to the Client in the way that complies with the type of provided payment, in the terms of the inner regulations of the respective payment system to the bank account of the Client. Submission of the documents approving the payment fact is obligatory condition of the money repayment.

If the payment for the goods is done in cash, the value of the returned articles is transferred to the bank account of the Client within 7 (seven) days. Submission of the documents approving the payment fact is obligatory condition of the money repayment. The payment of article value is executed after the Client has submitted the copy of Client’s identification document and scanned copy of application of certain sample. Repayment of the Article value is executed after reception of obligatory electronic letter of the Client, where the payment requisites and indicated and that is sent to the address sales@wimo.lv from the electronic mail address indicated in the order arrangement. In case if the article of proper quality is returned, it is required to observe all the returning regulations.


The Regulations are developed according such laws and regulations:

  • Handling of Alcoholic Beverages Law.

If you have any questions on the usage regulations, please, contact us!