Scotch whisky and smoked salmon - a perfect combination!

01. November, 2014

This Christmas we offer every gourmet and Scotch whisky lover to enjoy the whisky with tempting juicy Scottish salmon. During the period from 1st of November to 15th December for 5 collected purchases at „Vīna paviljons” of any Glen Talloch whisky you will receive a cold smoked Scottish salmon as a gift. We will deliver a freshly cooked salmon directly from Scotland where it had been smoked over wood chips derived from old whisky barrels in accordance with the old tradition. The package you will receive will contain about 600 grams of cold smoked salmon.



The salmons will be available for collection starting as from 22th December at our store "Vina paviljons" (Brivibas str.90, Riga                                                                                                                         

Richness of nature in every drop          

Scotland is characterized by magnificent natural diversity. From steep cliffs and rocks to lakes and fertile valleys where for centuries people cultivate crops and produce one of the best whiskies in the world.

Whisky must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years before it can be called a real Scotch whisky. Process of maturation enables the development of  specific natural aroma and flavor, as well as gives whisky the typical golden color. However Glen Talloch whisky is being aged for a lot longer than three years. It gives this whisky an additional aroma and flavor richness.


Glen Talloch Scotch Whisky Rare & Old

Excellent whisky created in accordance with an ancient Scottish tradition using in blend not less than 30% of single malt whiskies aged in wooden barrels for at least five years. Perfectly selectedBalblair, Knockdhu and Speyburn single malt whiskies and excellent grain whiskies are masterfully blended creating unexcelled, rich and delicate aroma of Glen Talloch.

Glen Talloch Blended Malt 8 Years Old

This Scotch whisky brings together the best single malt whiskies, including the famous Pulteney and Knockdhu. Beforethe mastermixeswhiskies to create a perfect composition they are being aged in woodenbarrels for at least eight years. In result a masterpiece is being created – so called blended malt as whisky of this category is called in Scotland.

Glen Talloch Gold Blended Scotch Whisky 12 YO

Impressive Scotch whisky aged for 12 years. More than 40% of the blend consists of single malt whiskies from the highlands of Scotland, especially Speyside region. Thus in combination with the excellent grain whiskies appears a special, harmonious composition of flavor and aroma of this whisky.


The most famous Scotch whisky regions


Speyside is located in the north-east of Scotland in the vicinity of Spey River and is considered as the capital of Scotch whisky. Valleys from the source to the mouth of Spey River are literally studded with distilleries, a total of more than 48, where the real  Scottish masterpieces are being created. All whiskies produced in this region have fresh, delicately sweet flavor.


This picturesque highland in the north of Scotland is one of the most expensive and beautiful regions of Europe - there you can find heather hills and famous green valleys of Scotland. This is also the largest region of malt whisky. Whisky produced here has an exquisite pepper-sweet flavor with a light smoke aroma.


The slight and light coloured whiskies are being produced in the southern part of Scotland, which is also known as the Scottish Garden. There is a relatively small amount of peat in this region, thus this whisky doesn’t have the typical strong peat aroma. Whisky from southern region has strong grassy and light fruity flavor.


This 25 miles long and 15 miles wide island is the largest island where whisky is being produced and simultaneously the smallest whisky region with only seven active whisky distilleries. Islay whisky has a strong masculine character with a strong ocean, iodine and peat aroma.


Sea air of Kintyre Peninsula, where Campbeltown is located, gives this whisky a saltish flavor. More than 20 whisky distilleries formerly made this place a Scotch whisky production centre. However now just a few types of malt are being produced here. This whisky is characterized by mildly salty peat flavor.

Islands of Scotland

Arran, Jura, Mull, Skye and Orkneys are beautiful islands with a wild rocky landscape, where trees are rare, that is why the malt is being dried by burning peat. Due to this process it is possible to catch the nuances of peat smoke in the aroma of Scotch whisky. In it’s turn, the sea air gives this whisky a lightly salty taste.

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